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The fastest way to enter your billing slips into evoucher!

Designed & tested by CJA Attorneys

evolveVoucher is available on Windows and Mac

Safely and securely upload your data directly in a fraction of the time.

evolveVoucher was designed for both CJA lawyers and service providers

CJA-20 and CJA-21 vouchers are supported

You continue to use your software programs and codes, that you’ve already set up in your office.

Then it seamlessly integrates with evolveVoucher.

Billing Process

When it comes time to bill, simply log in to CJA vouchers, enter your credentials directly into the Government eVoucher site, and the application will upload your billing data.
evolveVoucher will automatically enter your time and expense slips for you and set the service dates.
You remain in control. You view eVoucher itself, do a final review, double check, and swear and submit the bill.
evolveVoucher will tell you if any slips are skipped or encountered an error.

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